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PV stands for Photo (light) Voltaic (Electric). Solar PV panels convert light in to electricity. Pay attention to the word LIGHT, not sunlight. This means that even on cloudy days they continue to produce electricity. It’s just that their output will be higher, the brighter the light is. This is not new technology – the use of light to produce electricity dates back to the 19th Century.

The best place to install an inverter is a cool place, they are electrical appliances, which means they need all the air and cool temperature they can get, another thing to put in mind is to install it in a place where you can easily see it so that you can observe it’s performance and overall health.

Monocrystalline panels are relatively stronger, they will give more power per square meter. Although they are not proven to have better quality, compared to High quality Polycrystalline panel. The factors that affect the quality of solar panels are numerous, this is just one of them, therefore it is important to maximize your space with the best quality of panels.

Solar PV panels lose potency over time, typically, they will lose around 15% of power over 25 years, However some very hing quality panels would lose only 2.5% over this same period of time, the quality of panel used has a big role to play to achieve these estimations. Naked solar uses high PV solar solutions which gives us accurate information about the impact of any form of degradation

Solar panels to not vary based of quantity or physical size, but based on the quality and specification. Two panels might be of same size, while one is supplying 150 watts the other might supply 250 watts, Domestic systems are usually made up of panels, depending on the load requirements. Naked solar goes the extra mile to inspect the site to know the most suitable system required.

Firstly, you would check with your landlord, but solar installations are movable in 99.9% of situations, so you do not need to worry about moving from one location to another, we can always move with you.

The Good thing is, you will start seeing returns on your solar investment right away!! it also depends on the quality of your inverters, solar Panels and also your local weather conditions, typically the weather in Nigeria is good for solar systems and maximizes your profit.

Naked Solar uses qualified installers and engineers, Home installation takes up to two days, However installations can be completed in one day, depending on the weather condition and location.

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