to going Naked

At NAKED, we guide you

And stay with you even after your decision.

Step 1.

The site visit

The choice of the most suitable solar system to go for is one of the trickiest part of going Naked, it is an integral part, and the overall health and longevity of the solar system after installation largely depends on the early choices you make, right from the very beginning. This is why it is important for an experienced surveyor from Naked visit you to help you make this decision.
Not to worry, visits usually do not take a very long time, and it is usually scheduled by you for convenience, during this period, we measure up, check the site and electrics, and take a lot of photos.
We would be engaging you in a conversation about your needs and budget, and also evaluate all options out there, we the aid of specialised equipments and survey, we would produce appropriate suggestions which are usually emailed to you pithing two working days, if you want to change the plan or try a different option, no problem, we would fine-tune things until you are happy and satisfied with the set up.

Step 2.

The Installation

We arrive at the site location with materials and a team of smiling installers and electricians. Home installations usually take a day, we begin and complete the entire process in one day, except for special circumstances.
Business Installations can take a little longer, depending on the complexity of your site. We use state of the art equipments to carry out installations, when needed, we use scaffolding, and this is erected one day before the installation day, and removed no latter than a day after.
The installation process is done with minimal disruption, your power is only off for a few minutes, we have a team of polite installers and usually clean up after work.

We know how difficult it must be to have made the decision to go solar, and then getting faced with the challenge of getting the right solar system could be another hurdle to cross, but that’s why are here, to tell you the NAKED truth about going solar and making the right choices.
At NAKED, we guide you through the process and stay with you even after your decision.

Step 3.

Paper Work

We will send you your certificate of completion and final receipt, if you ever need help with the filling of the forms, we are only a phone call away.
These paperwork is to be kept in a safe place, as it is important for reference purposes.

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