Microtek 3.7kva/48v Inverter - Black - Naked Solar Limited

₦ 202000 ₦ 193,000.0

Microtek 3.7KVA/48V Inverter - Black


Microtek solar inverters are made with customer friendly monitoring system, there are two kinds of display in inverters to monitor functioning of solar inverters such as utility grid available, solar charging, ups on, battery is low, overload, battery charging form electricity, It is designed to run Multiple Desktops, Printers, Fans and lights for 6-8 hours. The changeover time is less than 12 ms which ensures none of appliances running on Inverter will re-start such as Computers, Wi-FI router etc. The inverter is made powerful to take a power load of Up to 1960 Watts Do not suffer due to the inconvenience caused by the irksome power as you can rely on the trustworthy microtek 3.7kva inverter. Its advance sine wave technology enhance the life of the batteries and reduces the effort of upkeep.state of the art technology,Avant-garde features and innovative design are all rolled up into one in this inverter


battery voltage – charge level of battery
load % - power consumption as a % of total inverter power
output voltage
pv voltage – solar panel generating voltage
pv current – solar panel generating power in amps
grid voltage – utility grid voltage level
NAFDAC Reg. Number: N/A
Color: Black
Main Material: N/A
Model: N/A
Product Line: Naked Solar Limited
Size (L x W x H cm): 540*220*240
Weight (kg): 58.6

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